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School Meals

New school meals menu will begin 13th August 2018

Falkirk Council Catering Services delivers a lunch service to our primary pupils that:

  • Provides value for money - £2.05 
  • Offers menu choices children want to eat, while complying with The Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Scotland Act 2007
  • Accommodates special dietary requirements

The current 3 week lunch menu cycle is available to view/download below. Pupils are able to select a traditional hot meal or a soup and sandwich option on a daily basis. Pupils are encouraged to "top up" their lunch by choosing from a daily selection of bread, chilled water, salads and fruit which is included in the meal price.

To assist parents when selecting their child's pre order main meal option we have identified option 1, option 2, and option 3 on the weekly planner. 

All of our classes, infant door and the hall door have pictures of school meals so children know what they are ordering. New photos are put up prior to your child coming into school each morning so that they know what a Panini is or casserole will be. These pictures are put up on a coloured background (green; yellow; blue) and the children choose eg green option – they get a green band for their wrist to give to the catering staff at lunchtime.

Vegetarian choices are indicated on the menu planner, however additional meat free options can be provided. Parents should contact us and we will arrange with catering to cater for special diets. Please contact the school prior to your child starting school so that arrangements can be made.

At Kinneil Primary all new parents of our P1 pupils will be invited to take part in a "Come Dine With Us" experience and we aim to run this during the first weeks of September. Parents will then get the opportunity to see and sample the options available.

Reminders: School dinner monies are due in on a Monday £10.25 per week (or £2.05 per day).

Please assist us by sending in exact monies as we hold very little cash in the school.

All P1-P3 pupils will receive free school meals.

School Meal Menu